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Construction Aerial Photos, Houston Texas - Pre-Construction

Your construction site is an ever-changing environment and documenting the progress on site is a very important part of managing that project. Nothing shows the details of a construction site better than an aerial photograph. Construction progress aerial photos are helpful for a number of reasons during all phases of construction.

During the pre-construction phase of your project, it’s important to document the layout of the property for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes, the “game plan” for a project can get lost in words.  Having an aerial photo of the site, prior to the heavy equipment showing up, will help you and your crew visualize that “game plan”.  From site layout overlays to mapping utilities and determining site access, an aerial photo will help visualize the big picture.  In addition, having a pre-construction aerial progress photo is an important part of properly documenting your project and may assist if ever a legal matter arises.

Aerial photo of construction progress of roadway in Texas.
Construction Aerial Photo of Texas Highway Project
Drone aerial photo of construction progress near Houston, Texas
Drone Construction Progress Aerial Photography

Construction Aerial Photos, Houston - Progress Aerial Photos

Once construction starts, the progress photos are a perfect tool for project oversight. Being able to monitor the construction progress when you can’t be on site is an invaluable benefit. Whether your interval is monthly or bi-weekly (or whatever you choose), you’ll be able to stay on top of the progress at your project site. Your perspective from the ground can sometimes hide costly construction problems. The bird’s eye view that aerial progress photos provides, can help to identify those costly errors in construction before the economic impact has become too great. At meetings, the aerial construction photo is a valuable tool for showing investors site progress, as well as for planning the next phase of construction based on actual photos of the site.

When the project is finished, to complete the documentation process, a post-construction aerial photo should be included.  This is important, not only for your records, but also for legal purposes in contractual disputes.  In addition, having another aerial photo taken a few months after the project finished (when the landscaping is complete), will provide you with a valuable image of  your completed work to be used for marketing and advertising projects going forward, and will help land that next big construction project.

With over 17 years of experience in construction aerial photography, and on site construction experience, AirBorn Imaging can provide you with the most effective aerial progress photos around, using both drones (UAVs) and aircraft.  

To find out more information please shoot us an email or give us a call (832-303-FOTO).  We'll be happy to provide you with a competitive estimate for your construction project in Houston, or anywhere in the United States.

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Aerial Photography Houston Texas
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