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Our Specialty - Construction Progress Aerial Photography!

We understand that construction progress aerials are an important part of managing your construction projects.  That’s why we provide you with high-resolution aerial photos so that you can see the details you need to see at your project site.  The cameras we use for all of our aerial photography projects are professional grade and more importantly, the lenses we use are the sharpest Nikon makes.

AirBorn Imaging uses both manned aircraft as well as professional level drones (or UAVs) for our construction progress aerials.  Larger (in area) construction projects are typically better flown with our airplane.  Smaller construction projects can easily be flown with our drones.  Check out our drone aerial photography page to find out more!

You can trust that we’ll get the construction progress aerial photos you need for your projects in and around Houston, Texas.  We’ll photograph your project just the way you want and guarantee satisfaction!

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Aerials / Construction Progress

Construction Progress Aerial Photo Gallery

Our construction progress aerial gallery displays some examples of the aerial photos we’ve shot for projects throughout the years.


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